Marianne Krasny
Marianne Krasny is a Professor and Director of the Civic Ecology Lab in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University, specializing in community environmental stewardship and environmental education in urban and other settings in the US and internationally. krasny-cv
Alex Kudryavtsev
Extension Associate
Alex Kudryavtsev (pen name: Alex Russ), PhD, is an environmental education researcher at Cornell University. He is the first editor of the Urban Environmental Education Review (Cornell University Press, 2017), connects urban environmental education and sense of place in his scholarship, and develops online professional development courses for environmental educators.
Yue Li
Yue Li is a postdoc and online course instructor at Cornell University. Through her research and outreach, she seeks to understand how networking among environmental educators in online learning communities and other platforms fosters innovation in their environmental education practice. Yue is currently conducting MOOC research and international programs to bridge environmental education communities in China, the US and elsewhere.
Anne Armstrong
PhD Student
Anne Armstrong is a PhD student in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University. She has a professional background in environmental education, and she is the lead author on Climate Change Communication: A Guide for Educators (Cornell University Press, 2018). Her research areas include climate change communication, environmental education, and the links among place, social practices, and identity in environmental stewardship.
Bethany Jorgensen
PhD Studentdsc00108 (2)
Bethany is working on her PhD in Cornell’s Department of Natural Resources, and conducts research with communities to untangle the political ecology of plastic pollution locally and globally. She is co-coordinator of the international research network Marine Sciences For Society and a core member of the Organizing Board and Scientific Committee for the MICRO international conference series on microplastic.
Yueyang Yue
MS Student
Completed B.A. degree in Computer Science at Beijing Foreign Studies University (2018). Yueyang has been working with China campus environmental clubs since 2014. Her research aims at enabling China campus environmental clubs, advancing their missions and leadership. She is also interested in online learning design.
Mi Yan
MS Student0171
Mi Yan is a MS student and a social entrepreneur who set up Youth Lead, an environmental education organization for young Chinese people in 2013. He is interested in developing educational programs to bring environmental benefits and financial return.
Kimberly Snyder
Online Course Communications
kim headshot
Kim Snyder is an MS student in Conservation Biology at Antioch University New England. She graduated from Cornell in 2015 with a BS in Environmental Science and has assisted the Civic Ecology Lab with course marketing and maintenance since then. For her masters degree, she is focusing on citizen science initiatives and connecting scientists with the public.
Brian Hutchison
Online Course Technical Support
hutch headshot
Brian Hutchison has a B.A. and M.A. in History as well as a Masters of Library and Information Science. Brian also works as part of the administrative staff at Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources. Outside of his work, Brian enjoys having adventures with his wife, CC, and their young son Charles.