EPA’s National Environmental Education Training Program

A partnership among Cornell University’s Civic Ecology Lab, the North American Association for Environmental Education, New Knowledge Organization, and numerous government, non-profit, and community organizations across the US, Canada, and Mexico… whose goal is to enhance environmental quality and community well-being through fostering innovation in environmental education practice.

The national Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education project, or EECapacity, is designed to enhance environmental quality and community well-being by strengthening the field of environmental education. Based on the notion that social innovations, including innovations in educational practice, arise through exchange of ideas among professionals holding diverse perspectives, EECapacity brings together environmental education professionals whose work is motivated by concern about environmental quality, with professionals working in youth and community development who use environmental activities as a means to foster communication, leadership, and academic skills. Additional collaborators include volunteers and professionals in civic ecology practices, faith-based organizations, military communities, zoos and aquariums, botanic gardens, and natural resources management agencies.

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