Cities as learning arenas for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Authors: Marianne Krasny, Cecilia Lundholm, Eunju Lee, Soul Shava, and Hiromi Kobori

Members of the Civic Ecology Lab contributed to the first global assessment of urban biodiversity and ecosystem services. This open-access volume was launched at the UN in NYC on October 4 2013. The 32 chapters are available for free online.

Krasny, ME, C Lundholm, E Lee, S Shava, and H Kobori. 2013. Urban landscapes as learning arenas for sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystem services. In: T Elmqvist, M Fragkias, J Goodness, B Güneralp; PJ Marcotullio, RI McDonald, S Parnell, M Sendstad, M Schewenius, KC Seto, and C Wilkinson, eds. Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Challenges and Opportunities. Springer.

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