Sustainability MOOC Teaching Assistantship

Sustainability MOOC Teaching AssistantshipAre you interested in finding creative ways to educate and communicate about environmental topics? Would you like to meet environmental professionals from around the world?  Consider becoming a MOOC Teaching Assistant!

Credit: 2-3 credits depending on level of engagement

What is a MOOC?

MOOCs are online courses that engage large numbers of people from many countries. The Civic Ecology Lab’s series of MOOCs reach thousands of environmental professionals from around the world interested in putting research to practice and building international communities of practice. 

Climate Change Science, Communication, and Action MOOC

Why the MOOC TA for me?

  • Learn how to use social and new digital media for educational purposes
  • Practice a foreign language
  • Connect with students and professionals across the US and in countries around the world who share your interests (e.g., sustainable agriculture, water quality)
  • Help promote environmental stewardship and education
  • Participate in an international, Engaged Cornell experience

Through the Sustainability MOOC TA, Cornell Students will:

  1. Interact with students from all around the world in a series of MOOCs taught on EdX and EdX Edge.
  2. Assist in developing a new citizen science MOOC in collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  3. Participate in a workshop on using digital media (e.g., ComicLife) to convey sustainability messages in international contexts
  4. Participate in a workshop on navigating multicultural perspectives in an online environment.
  5. Contribute to social media posts and discussion forums with MOOC participants
  6. Collaborate on a digital media project (e.g., an online comic) that conveys information to promote sustainability
  7. Mentor MOOC students on final project work
  8. Connect virtually with MOOC TAs in China through web conference calls and social media (WeChat)

Credit: 2-3 credits depending on level of engagement

  • Two credits: Participate in two training workshops and in weekly meetings, follow MOOC lectures and readings, and contribute to MOOC social media.
  • Three credits: Above requirements plus develop digital media project with MOOC

Eligibility: Cornell undergraduates (must have completed freshman year), graduate students and other members of the Cornell community are welcome to join.

Meeting Time: TBA.

We welcome students who speak foreign languages and will attempt to partner you with a MOOC student speaking your preferred language. We commonly have Chinese, Portuguese, Farsi, Spanish, and Korean students in our MOOCs, although other languages possible.

For a short introduction to the TA, watch this video.

Fill out a short survey to indicate your interest. You will be contacted by Anne Armstrong after filling out the survey with instructions for registration.

Questions? Contact Anne Armstrong,

This opportunity is supported by funding from Engaged Cornell

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