Green Cities


Offered by: Civic Ecology Lab, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Instructor: Alex Kudryavtsev (,
Credits: 3-credit summer session course
Dates: June 22–July 13, 2018 (3 weeks)
When: Monday–Friday, 9:00am–12:00pm, Fernow Hall G24

Syllabus: TBA
Summer Session info:

Learning objectives

  1. Explore the history of social-ecological forces that shape our cities
  2. Examine and contrast contemporary “green cities” frameworks
  3. Apply “green cities” framework to urban environmental education

Syllabus at a glance
Week 1 — Context and history of green cities
Week 2 — Contemporary “green cities” frameworks: Timothy Beatley, Eric Sanderson, Andrew Light, Julian Agyeman, and Randolph Hester
Week 3 — Other academic perspectives applicable to green cities: civic ecology, environmental justice, sense of place, environmental art, environmental governance, sustainable development goals
Week 4 — Integrating “green cities” ideas in urban environmental education
Week 5 — Individual projects writing and discussions
Week 6 — Course wrap-up, and communication of individual projects (ebook, social media)