Climate Change Course Testimonials

Read below about what past course participants learned

I see how I can incorporate information on climate change into almost every presentation I now already give to the public.

Horticulture Volunteer                                                                                                                       University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, US

Mainly, paying attention to what others have to say and offering information in a non-threatening way if possible.  I especially liked Mike Hoffman’s approach to understanding CC through how our menu will change.  This is something everyone can understand.

Master Gardener Volunteer                                                                                                                  Cornell Cooperative Extension, US

Wow, where do I begin? I learned so much about people’s attitudes and how they got them. Such as climate change denial is not directly related to education level in the US. I learned how to better reach people using what directly involves them rather than going too “big picture”. My fellow students have been amazing to converse with. What a wonderful course!

Retiree                                                                                                                                              Wisconsin, US

 The climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. The alarm bells keep ringing. No nation is immune. Worldwide, this summer was the hottest ever recorded, with global carbon emissions still on the rise. We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.

Environmental Consultant                                                                                                                 Lokoja, Nigeria

 Through this course, I feel like I am better equipped with what I can do for climate change mitigation and adaptation. I realized our responsibilities as inhabitants. I realized that through my few connections, I could do many local activities that would form climate change consciousness in people. It is commitment and attitude that is really needed to affect action.

Recent Biology Graduate                                                                                                           Baguio City, Philippines