Online Course
Reclaiming Broken Places:

Introduction to Civic Ecology
Starts September 6, 2016. Enroll now and watch for pre-course pop-up events this summer.

Online Course
Environmental Education:

Transdisciplinary Approaches to Addressing Wicked Problems
Self-directed version available May 1, 2016. Over 40 international instructors.

Civic Ecology book from
MIT Press


The Civic Ecology Lab is founded on the belief that humans can act to enhance the social-ecological systems of which they are a part.

Through research and outreach, students and faculty working in the Lab seek to understand and support community-based stewardship practices, such as community forestry, community gardening, and watershed restoration.

Our work centers on the role of civic ecology practices in communities facing conflict, disaster, and other social, economic, and environmental stresses as well as the meanings people attribute to these practices.

We also seek to understand and support learning that occurs through engagement in civic ecology practices –- learning about how people in cities and other harsh environments contribute to local biological and cultural diversity and to ecosystem services.

Photo credits: Adam Green/Joaquin Cotten/, Annik La Farge, Alex Russ

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