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Books and Chapters

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White Papers

DuBois, Bryce and Tidball, Keith G. (2013). Greening in Coastal New York Post-Sandy #CEL004. In Cornell Civic Ecology Lab (Ed.), Civic Ecology Lab White Paper Series (pp. 42). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University. 2013-DuBois

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Occasional Papers

DuBois, B and ME Krasny. 2014. Environmental Education Response to Hurricane Sandy in the New York Metropolitan Region. 2014-Sandy-EE

Kudryavtsev, A, and ME Krasny (2012). Urban environmental education: preliminary literature review (Document number CEL-2012-1). Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab, Ithaca, NY. 2012-UEE-review

Reports and Magazine Articles

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Student Papers and Reports

Silva, Philip. 2013. Outcomes Monitoring within Civic Ecology Practices in the NYC Region. Silva 2013

Briggs, Lilly. 2013. Conservation in Cities: Linking Citizen Science and Civic Ecology Practices. 2013 Briggs

Hilliard, Candice. 2013. Urban Environmental Education: Examples from the Denver Metropolitan Area. Hilliard

Lee, Mou Jian. 2013. Possibilities for the Emergence of Civic Ecology Practices in Response to Social-Ecological Disturbance: The Case of Nuisance Chironomids in Singapore. Honors  Thesis, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Natural Resources. Ithaca NY : Cornell University. 2013-Lee

Dutton, E. 2013. Surviving Sandy: Stories of Urban Environmental Stewardship. Honors thesis – Urban and Environmental Policy: Occidental College and Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab. 2013-Dutton


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Kudryavtsev A. (2012). Sense of place: survey (7:02min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2011). New York Harbor School (4:30min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2011). Satellite Academy Eco-Leaders Program, New York (6:06min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2011). The Urban Farm at the Battery, New York (3:28min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2011). What’s Good in My Hood (6:57min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2011). Education Program at New York Restoration Project (5:02min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2011). Drew Gardens, The Bronx (4:11min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2011). AmeriCorps, New York Restoration Project (3:04min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2010). Green Roof in the Bronx (2:42min)

Tidball, K.G. (2010). Building resilience to perturbed urban areas (1:50 min)

Tidball, K.G. (2010). What is community-based natural resources management? (0:40 min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2010). Rocking the Boat: oyster restoration (2:52min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2010). Rocking the Boat: education about oysters (1:55min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2010). Rocking the Boat: education approaches (3:20min)

Kudryavtsev A. (2009). Removing invasive species, New York (3:54min)

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